Parts storage systemWe follow this simple work ethic. All our policies and practices are geared to this practical and useful motto.


We only use parts and spares recommended by manufacturers of the vehicle; sometimes it may appear at first to be an expensive option - but it reduces incompatibility and avoids the likelihood of serious malfunction, diseconomy or inefficient operation.

Only qualified and experienced members of staff are allowed to carry out work and then under the strict quality guielines that we must follow.

We always:
  • use the most advanced tools of the trade and state of the art equipment to test and repair your vehicles
  • realise you trust our judgement and rely on our work practices when you leave your vehicle with us - we assure you that your investment is safe in our hands
  • know that despite our best skills, ability and intentions, sometimes a number of factors may affect the quality of actual implementation of the work or repairs to your vehicle. We don't back away from our duty of care to you. So we give full warranty on every work we carry out